Game Schedule

We welcome bridge players of all ages and skill levels.

 Newcomers may be most comfortable, initially, in the games with lower masterpoint limits as the atmosphere is more relaxed and you will be playing with and against players of similar skill. This is especially true of the Monday morning game 0-99 MP, with Debb Keniley and the Thursday evening game 0-99MP with John Antognoli, who will offer help during the game with bidding and play decisions as well as a brief lesson before play begins.

                                                                       Game fees Are $10 for members, $12 for non members


Weekly Game

Our weekly schedule is updated semi-regularly, so please check here for changes of times, skill levels, and game directors.


TIME            TYPE                                             GAME DIRECTOR           

10:00am       Face to Face: Open, 750 and 99 Chat                            



TIME             TYPE                                             GAME DIRECTOR           

10:00am        Face to Face: Open & 750, 0-199

10:00am        Online: Open & 750                                          


6:30pm          Face to Face: Open                         


TIME              TYPE                                            GAME DIRECTOR           

10:00am        Face to Face: Open & 750         9:30 free lesson by Mark Ehret                              




TIME               TYPE                                           GAME DIRECTOR           

10:00am        Face to Face: Open & 750, 0-299                                            


6:00pm          Face to Face: Chat  game 0-99       


TIME               TYPE                                            GAME DIRECTOR           

10:00am        Face to Face: Open & 750, 0-499

10:00am        Online: Open & 750                                        



TIME                TYPE                                            GAME DIRECTOR           

1:00pm           Face to Face: Open & 750                                     


TIME                 TYPE                                            GAME DIRECTOR           

1:00pm           Face to Face: See schedule below

• 1st Sunday               Swiss Teams

•2nd Sunday              LM/NLM

•3rd Sunday               Swiss Teams (8 is Enough Format)

•4th Sunday               Veterans/Rookies Game (less than 99 points)

•5th Sunday               Pairs Game